Crucial Dating Advice Every Woman Should Know

One of the main pieces of information both men and women seek out on the internet is dating advice. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Everyone wants to find a catch, and wants to be a catch, and they want the tools to do so. Well, it is a jungle out there in the dating world, and today we decided to help all the single women out there with some advice. Think you already know it all? Well, sorry to break…

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7 best truths to ask guys

If you haven’t thought of playing an adult, sexier version of truth or dare, you should reconsider. This game isn’t just for the ghosts of our prepubescent pasts; it’s for our grown up selves too. Next time you’re with a group of singles, group of couples, or even just want to spice it up with your significant other- playing truth or dare is the way to go. There’s endless amounts of sexy and exciting truths and dares that you can…

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